Cli Reference

Graphite CLI Reference

This page describes the command syntax for the Graphite command-line frontend.


Syntax: create $windowName
Creates a new window with the given name.


Syntax: draw $targetList [option]+
Draws the matching targets.
$targetList is a comma-separated list of known graphite paths.
The following options may be specified

from $time Graph data starting at $time, defaults to -1d
until $time Graph data from the starting time up until $time, defaults to now
using $template Have the graph drawn with the specified coloring template
in $window Draw the graph in the specified window, otherwise it is drawn inline on the page
every $interval Redraw the image every $interval minutes

For information on time specifications, please read the section titled TIME SPECIFICATION at


Syntax: redraw $window every $interval
Cause the image in $window to refresh every $interval minutes.


Syntax: change $window $parameter to $value
Change a graphite URL parameter for the image in $window to be $value. For graphite URL parameters, see the URL API Reference documentation. For example: "change foo template to noc" will apply the noc template to the foo window. Another (slightly confusing) example, "change foo from to -3h" changes the time range for the foo window to start 3 hours ago.


Syntax: compose $window
Open up the image from $window in the composer.


Syntax: save $view
Save the state of all of your current windows as a view named $view.


Syntax: load $view [above]
If "above" is not specified, this will close all of your current windows and load those previously saved in the view named $view. If "above" is specified, then currently open windows will not be closed. Note that if you use "above" and you have a window already open that has the same name as one defined in the view, then you will get an error regarding the name conflict.


Syntax: views
List all of the known views and the names of the windows in them.


Syntax: rmview $view
Delete a view.


Syntax: clear
Erase all inline output from the main screen (command output, inline images, etc). This does not touch separate named windows.


Syntax: set $variable $value
Set a global variable to the given value. Variables can be used for shorthand in other commands, for example "set x avs.shared-prod.*.caches.redist.latency", "set mytime -3h" then "draw $x,avg($x) from $mytime".


Syntax: unset $variable
Delete the global variable.


Syntax: vars
List all known global variables.


Syntax: email $window to $recipientList
Send an email with an attached copy of the image currently in $window to the list of recipients. Multiple addresses are comma-separated.


Syntax: url $window
Display the url for the image contained in $window.


Syntax: !
Display command history, you can click a command or use up/down to select one then press enter.


Syntax: id
Tells you what user you are logged in as.


Syntax: login
Takes you to a login screen where you can log into graphite using your windows username and password.


Syntax: logout
Logs you out of graphite (you become an anonymous user).


Syntax: add $target to $window
Adds the specified target to an existing window, target syntax is the same as for the draw command.


Syntax: remove $target from $window
Removes the specified target from an existing window. The target string must exactly match a target string used in drawing the window, this is not necessarily the same as the name of the targets shown in the graph legend.

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